Oh dear. They should have done their French homework!!

You see, bite is a slang word for penis… Petite bite can be literal, of course (in which case, I have my doubts about “big compliments” and “dazzle and delight”), but it can also mean “a nobody,” or “an insignificant person” (C’est une petite bite.).

Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s French lesson! Here’s a bonus: Nancy’s is running a contest for a free trip to Paris!

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4 Responses to A “little” advertising blunder

  1. Hilarious.
    And I freaked for a minute because Ma Fille always says ‘il est bete!’ (we live here and she’s 10.) and when I saw that i was afraid that bete was bite and all this time she was saying the french slang for penis. thank goodness no.
    but these are the difficult things about your children being fluent while you’re just dog paddling.

  2. Annie Andre says:

    This is too funny. I live in Marseille but speak Quebecois. Sometimes i get turned around because of the differences in French from quebec.
    There are some words in France which are actually english and than in Quebec they actually use a french word.
    Also some slang terminoligy is not used in France but used in Canada. I get turned around all the time but it all balances out because the differences are negligable.

  3. @c100d17 says:

    “Quiche” can mean also a stupid person !
    This ad is so funny ! looks like a fake

  4. Francophilia says:

    It is very real!

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