The life and times of an English woman living in Provence with her  husband The Artist and her two Scottie Dogs, exploring the food and customs of her adopted home town in Provence. Provence Calling

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  1. Always interested in all things French….especially the south. My wife and I have been traveling to the south of France 3 times/year for 25 years, both for pleasure and business. Nuria, my wife went to school at the University of Aix en Provence, where she studied languages, and fell in love with Provence. I met her 5 years later after she finished school there and we opened a retail store in Larkspur California called Coquelicot. When we go to France we stay in our apartment in Nice, on the Cote D’Azur and drive up into Provence to treasure hunt for our retail store. Over the years we have established a pattern of going to our favorite brocante markets and vides greniers. Three years ago we bought another apartment in Old Town Nice as an investment and have it as a vacation rental. We recently had a 15 year anniversary celebration for our retail store where one of our favorite authors came to celebrate with us. He is Mark Greenside, and his book is “I’ll Never Be French” (no matter what I do). In our opinion the most humorous account of an American living in France.
    Currently we are looking for like minded people who enjoy the “south of France” life style and what their experiences have been in this gorgeous part of the world.
    Cheers! Norm and Nuria

  2. Francophilia says:

    Hi Norm.

    What a great France love story! Thanks for the link to your store. It’s adorable!

    (For any who are curious:


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