The Tarot of Marseilles is one of the standards from which many tarot decks of the 19th century and later were derived. We love the beautiful and naïve cards of Jean Dodal, which are preserved at the Bibliothèque nationale in Paris.

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2 Responses to The Tarot of Marseilles

  1. Dave Schneider says:

    If the Francophilia Gazette is doing tarot articles, why not point out that tarot cards are used in an actual game in France where they use a different kind of tarot deck called the “Tarot Nouveau?” Too many articles on tarot in the English language give the false impression that tarot cards are only used for predicting the future. I think we should stop denying the “jeu de tarot”

  2. Francophilia says:

    I’ll look into it! (But this was mostly about the art and the fact that they’re in the BN.)

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