Despite increasing awareness of the benefits of healthy eating and physical exercise, going to the gym in France is still a niche activity that has yet to capture the mainstream.

via Montreal Gazette

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2 Responses to The French still not that into the gym

  1. Mario says:

    The question is: do the French NEED to go to the gym?
    Perhaps those who have adapted an “American” lifestyle with a more sedentary routine, large food portions, and industrialized food will need to go to the gym.
    But based on my observations, the French are in much better shape than Americans. Every time I travel to France, I marvel at the physical condition of its senior citizens. I definitely notice a big difference between the elderly French and their American counterparts.
    So my message to the French is: keep doing what you’ve been doing for centuries and spend the afternoon enjoying a nice glass of red wine instead of sweating in a crowded gym.

  2. Francophilia says:

    I agree. They understand quality of life better than any culture I know of. I prefer sitting in a café to sweating on a treadmill (which I’ve done like 5 times in my life, all in about a 2-month period) any day.

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