You have the video-game stars les lapins crétins (known as the Raving Rabbids in the US and elsewhere in the anglophone world). What you don’t have in the US is Renault (they haven’t sold cars in the US since the 80s), so you probably haven’t seen this hilarious commercial!

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2 Responses to “Les Lapins crétins” and Renault

  1. Michael says:

    Unfortunately, due to copyright restrictions, viewers in the U.S. and probably other countries are not allowed to view this ad. It’s a commercial, for heaven sake! These copyright restriction/sense of the proprietary have gone way overboard over recent years!

  2. Francophilia says:

    Hi Michael. Thanks for letting me know. I would not have thought an ad would be subject to such a restriction! I will see what I can do.

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