You’ve heard of the Nato phonetic alphabet (Foxtrot, Tango) used to indicate first letters of words, but in France they have the alphabet téléphonique (also called le code d’épellation), which uses first names. If you find yourself on the phone trying to spell something in France (or if you’re looking for a French baby name!), this could come in handy.

A: Anatole
B: Berthe
C: Célestin
D: Désiré
E: Eugène
É: Émile
F: François
G: Gaston
H: Henri
I: Irma
J: Joseph
K: Kléber
L: Louis
M: Marcel
N: Nicolas
O: Oscar
P: Pierre
Q: Quentin
R: Raoul
S: Suzanne
T: Thérèse
U: Ursule
V: Victor
W: William
X: Xavier
Y: Yvonne
Z: Zoé
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