Ever wished you could have an Hermès bag? You can. For free! Choose from 9 models of the Kelly bag and build your own: The Clémence, The Fleur, The Nathalie, The Marine, The François, The Capucine, The Papier, The Laura. Enjoy your Hermès bags, les filles !

To find what other goodies they might be giving away, go to the Hermès site, click Travel the world of Hermès, and choose Surprises from the menu (vertical orange bar, top left).

(Update February 2010: No longer available online, but we have the PDFs! You can get them here.)

(Update February 2012: Also at that link are the versions that were on the Spanish site in 2010!)

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12 Responses to Get an Hermès bag – for free!

  1. Dawn says:

    I would love to have the pdf file for the hermes bags, if that is possible?
    Many Thanks.

    Sincerely Yours

  2. Francophilia says:

    Hi Dawn. I sent you an e-mail. :-)

  3. Margot says:


    I love these DIY bags, but I can’t find them on the hermes website… I think they propose the “dog-collar” bracelet now, which is nice, but not as much (according to me) !
    Sorry to ask, but, would you mind sending the diferent pdfs to me please ?
    That would be very nice of you, merci beaucoup ;D


  4. Francophilia says:

    Hi Margot. I sent you a link to download them! They are precious!

  5. Helga Herz says:


    Since I saw the bags in the internet, I was looking for them at the Hermes website, without effort… :-(

    I plan a nice small “women birthdayparty a la Parisienne” for my best friend -she is getting 40 and she gets a Hermes scarf as a present from us- and we wanted to decorate and make the party more stylish with those beauty things!
    Would you minde to send me the PDF? That would be very nice of you!
    Thank you very much and greetinds from Austria!
    Helga Herz

  6. Francophilia says:

    Hi Helga. I have sent you a link where you can download them!

  7. Hai says:

    Hi there,

    pls could drop the link to download these cool stuffs to my email. Thanks so much. Hai

  8. Shel says:

    Hi there! I would love to have these paper bags. I plan to give it to my mother and girlfriends. I would appreciate it if you could send it to me. Thanks a lot!
    email: myshel_252002@yahoo.com


  9. Natalia says:

    I have the ones that were showcased in the Spanish website, it is the first time I see these models and they are just so pretty. Can you please send me the link to get them. Many many thanks, Natalia

  10. patrick cotter says:

    greetings Pamela,

    Loved your insightful perceptions of the French vis a vis the current fruit salad
    of the GOP nomination process. However I look at the alternates to Sarko and
    perhaps Ron Paul could be a welcome diversion in support of Le Pen….Imagine
    those two together reshaping French foreign policy or is the vision of those two
    in the same political bed de trop…

    I live off season in Cannes (as i hate tourists) but find French quirks hilarious..

    Meilleures salutations


  11. Ashleigh says:


    Hermes n’a pas le template pour le poignet/sac a main. :( Could you kindly email them to moi? Merci beaucoup!

  12. Francophilia says:

    Link sent!

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