Jim Carrey flirts with glamorous French TV news anchor Claire Chazal, blows kisses to Paris, says he’s descended from a French pirate. We believe him. Link

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2 Responses to Jim Carrey, francophile

  1. jack says:

    Do you mean “Jim Carey” Of course Claire gets us all up
    in the morning,if you get my drift, She’s not the
    slightest interested in him physically, or intellectually
    according to her appearance and diction so flirt away
    Jim baby..it’s all wasted . Poor Jim, from the nostrils up
    he’s apparent fun and joy but from the nostrils down he
    indicates deep seated depression.His boisterous exit
    and commandeering proves his need to hide that.

    Still…as Dickens once wrote “wot larks, Davey (Jimmy)
    wot larks we ad, eh”.

  2. [...] “Elle a des beaux restes” is something a Frenchman might say (to himself or someone he knows well) about an older woman in whom the traces of youthful beauty are still quite discernible. Frenchmen do appreciate older women, it’s true! Read this superb article by Lisa Armstrong, who knows what she’s talking about. Link The Claire Chazal she mentions above: the same one Jim Carrey was flirting with here. [...]

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