La Nouvelle Star, the French “Idol” show in 2009 was a shocker, because many believed that 16-year-old Camelia-Jordana should have won. But she is hardly a loser; her first single is catchy and addictive and a huge pop hit. It’s the story of a girl who prefers to wallow in her heartbreak. We pretty much hate the video, but love the song.

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3 Responses to Une nouvelle star, if not “the” nouvelle star

  1. French Pop says:

    You mean you hate the video for “Non non non”? I think it’s absolutely hilarious. Anyhoo, Camelia’s album is great.

  2. Francophilia says:

    Not wild about the video, but love the song! We watched her for a whole season of La Nouvelle Star, and she has a lot of presence. This video doesn’t do her justice at all.

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